Last Updated on September 1, 2020

A great brand is a summary of how your audience emotionally and psychologically relates to you, a prediction of what they can expect from you. They have three elements in common:

  1. They are consistent.
  2. They are authentic.
  3. They differentiate you.

Great brands invoke a look, smell, taste, sound and feel, and THIS is why Video is an essential tool in branding. What other medium allows such an all-encompassing form of communication?

And, if you just want the bare-bones facts, videos do the following like no other component of your branding toolkit:

  • Communicates the emotion behind your brand
  • Increases reliability and trust
  • Conveys more information in less time
  • Differentiates you and helps you stand out from the crowd


Let’s take a look at our most recent Branding Video project: Powderhaus Brewing Company. Since opening our office in Boise Idaho a year ago, we’ve enjoyed becoming a part of the local community. One such pleasures comes from enjoying the boutique beers that Powderhaus brews locally. The founders of Powderhaus share our love of community and working with them to create a series of branding videos was the perfect fit.

The Microbrewery industry has boomed in the past decade which makes for an increase in competition. Beer connoisseurs have more options. With major brands also creating sub-labels to compete with the authentic indie producers, it’s a tough market.

We asked ourselves, what differentiates this brand from all their competition? We spoke the founders and their loyal staff, and with fans of their products and one clear message emerged: These beers are crafted by mates who love each other almost as much as they love beer!

Our goal was then to produce a series of micro-docs that would communicate this passion and dedication and that really spoke to the heart of their brand. After all it was a group of true friends, with a shared and sincere love of the nuances of the beer making process that birthed this company, and it’s their unique story that sets them apart.

(Oh, and Tyler and the rest of our Boise team can also attest that, after much “research”, the beer itself is unique and exceptional too!)

Branding / Company Culture / Powderhaus Brewing Company

Branding / Product Intro / Powderhaus Brewing Company

What’s your story?

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