Last Updated on January 20, 2021

We’re solidly in the middle of Q4, and not a moment too soon: 2020 has been a lot. Most of us haven’t had much opportunity to laugh—global pandemic, nationwide protests, contentious presidential election—but we could all probably use a good chuckle right now. So herewith, some ways you can invest in high quality video that meets all your marketing needs, and makes your clients crack a smile at the same time.

  1. Entrust the script to the professionals. The great thing about hiring an agency like Front Runner to produce your video is that you’re not on your own trying to find the funny. FRF’s professional scriptwriters work with you to use the aspects of your company you’d like to promote and weave them in with comedic elements. You’ll have backup every step of the way, whether you come in with a fun concept or leave the whole thing in our hands. 
  2. Hire comedians. Whether you opt for on-camera or voiceover talent, opting for professional improvisers, comics or actors cab elevate the comedy in your video. Paired with a funny script, the right performers will sell your brand and might help achieve the holy grail of the video world: going viral.
  3. Enlist the company clown. Maybe there’s someone you work with who makes everyone laugh, the person whose stories from the weekend have everyone in stitches. Matching that colleague with a well-written script can make their personality—and industry knowledge—shine. They may even want to be involved in the brainstorming process, helping figure out a humorous way to deliver your brand’s message.
  4. Ask your favorite clients. Client testimonials are a terrific way to provide potential customers with peer reviews—and they don’t have to be dry or sappy. Think about your favorite clients: the ones you love getting on a call with, or who make conferences and work dinners feel like play rather than work. Maybe you can enlist them for a funny client testimonial, or a cameo in your scripted piece. Who knows—they might be flattered enough to share the video on their own social feeds, creating even more opportunities for your message to spread.

Whatever sort of video you decide to make, know that we at Front Runner have decades of experience bringing out the funny—even in industries that don’t seem to lend themselves to comedy gold. We’re here to help you tap into what makes your business special, and help lighten things up while we’re doing it. It’s been a long year. Let’s help you ring in 2021 with a hearty laugh.