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Fun Video Ideas for Your Business This Holiday Season!

Oct 15, 2018

For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For your business it might mean ramping up to meet your peak sales period or perhaps it’s a low wind down for a very earned break. Regardless, you’ll likely want to send season’s greetings to your employees and clients. Instead of the boring email blast or half-hearted social media post, this year we invite you to consider video. As well as expressing your gratitude and warmest wishes as another year comes to a close, video has some very attractive advantages over other platforms that might just help you start the new year on a high:

  • Holiday videos are a priceless opportunity for you to share more about your company and staff and reinforce your brand.
  • Emails that feature video are much more likely to be opened, and fun (or funny) videos have a much greater retention rate than text or images alone.
  • Videos receive more attention on social media and they also the most shared form of content.
  • Video can help you navigate language or cultural boundaries.
  • Funny or fun content that features real people speaking sincerely are the most watched and shared videos on the web

Convinced? Great! Now let’s look at a couple of fun ideas that you and your team can personalize to make sure it tells your company’s unique story.

  1. Challenge your staff to a Holiday Song Lip Sync Challenge!
  2. Or, why not write your own company-themed lyrics to your favorite holiday song or carol and shoot a music video!
  3. What’s your favorite Holiday movie? Now cast your employees in the lead roles and re-create it, with a company-inspired twist of course!
  4. A faux Guide For The Holidays can be filled with funny moments: the ultimate guide to regifting, how to secure third servings of turkey, tricks to keep the kids quiet, what to do with all that fruitcake!
  5. What about an Office-style mockumentary that delves into the dark and seedy underworld of your industry and all the characters that inhabit it!
  6. Celebrate diversity – what are the different traditions practices by your employees?
  7. Or a real documentary as you interview your fellow staff about their happiest and craziest Holiday memories.

Don’t get caught up the “how”, all you need is a high quality smart phone, a steady hand, and be sure to make sure that you use a well-lit environment (your audience needs to see what’s going on!) and that you minimize as much background noise as possible. Rally your team and encourage them to be creative and bring their individual flair to the project, and you might be surprised to find that more than one has some experience capturing video or editing family movies!
If you want to invest in a professional crew to take the stress out of your holiday company message, then drop us a line and we’ll happily be your Christmas Elves and make movie magic happen. (We also make awesome, award winning commercials and corporate video throughout the year!) //

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