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How Does Video Affect SEO in 2021

Aug 9, 2021

It’s impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing almost everyone
staring at their screen – if you are a marketer, there’s potential for any number of
these people to be watching your video.
Getting a higher ranking through SEO is more than just numbers. It’s all about
creating great content. Adding video to your website and other social media
platforms can increase the traffic and potential clients dramatically.

People love videos

If given the option to read a lot of text or watch a video, videos will win every time. Many people don’t have the patience to read more than a few lines, a paragraph at most, unless it’s information they already care to know.

But they will watch a video. If they like it, they will watch it several times, they will share it and even comment on it. This all helps drive your video up the search engine ladder.

Search engines + video

How Video Affects SEO

Not only do people love videos, but so do search engines. Now, when you look for something on Google, you will often find links to videos right at the top. This happens regardless of the device you are using.

This comes back to the ease of the person conducting the search. They are much more likely to watch a video that shows them how to do something rather than tell them.

Google will not only show your video in the search but a thumbnail of the video, as well. This all increases clicks, views, shares, and ultimately, your ranking.

On-page SEO

Not only can Video increase the traffic, but it can keep people on your page longer. This sends a message to Google and helps boost your rating and keep you there.

If you have a video on your landing page, people are far more likely to watch and stay on your page. More than one video will keep them there even longer. Even longer videos, meaning longer than 30 seconds are still extremely effective. 

Your marketing possibilities are endless with video. 

The beauty of using video for marketing is the unlimited possibility. Animation, how-to, customer testimonial, and you can get so much content into a short video. 

People remember videos. They can watch them several times, save them to their own page to share or rewatch, and they will share these with other people. This means your reach increases with every view. 

Videos work on all platforms. For those people who are looking for something specific at home or someone just randomly watching content while stuck on the subway on their way to work. 

Tell your story!

Whether you are making a training video or introducing a new product, videos are incredibly effective in boosting SEO. Are you ready to find your customers/clients, tell your story, and motivate them to act? 

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