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How to have a successful silent video on social media

Sep 23, 2019

Silent video? That seems super strange to us, since video is suppose to be loud, uplifting and informing. So why silent?

Well… times are changing. Right now, more than a million hours of videos are being consumed on Facebook, every day! People are constantly scrolling through instagram and facebook feeds whether it is in class, during work, whenever volume is not allowed.

Sooo… now what?

Reworking your video will not be the end of the world.

Here are some key steps that will give your silent film a BOOM!

1. Visuals

Your video needs to be bold, and big. It also should be visually appealing that will make it pop out on social media. Remember, everyone is scrolling through pictures or videos of dogs playing tennis, or your aunt swimming the crystal clear Italian waters, so you need to be different than the usual feed. Also, do not rely on audio to tell the story in the video.

2. Explainable Content

The video doesn’t have to have audio to go along with it. It should be self explanatory that goes with visuals and the viewer can follow along, without reaching for the sound button. This part can be tricky and you might need to get creative, but try to use content that tells a story through expressions.

3. Graphics

Make bold text that goes along with your video! Sometimes even using large text with a colored background will get your message across effectively. You can also use large text that emphasis the key parts or steps in your video that you want the consumer to take away. But remember, make sure these match what your brand looks like and stays consistent with your marketing strategy.

4. Animation

Animations are awesome and super fun to watch! They are already visually appealing, and allow the audience to understand what is going on without audio. It is very easy and effective. Make sure the video does not need voice over, and that will help it be an instant gem in your social media platforms.

5. Memes or GIFs

Everyone loves a good meme or funny GIF. If you have a great caption, throw up a funny meme or quick hitting GIF that will add some heart and humor to brighten up your brands day. Both memes and gifs are easy to consume, and only capture your attention for a couple seconds. This kind of content is not long videos where people are losing interest by the second it pops up and are better than just throwing up a still image. Less content is better!

6. Subtitles

Try adding subtitles or closed captions. By adding subtitles to your video it is easy for anyone to read the screen without having the audio on. The words are going along with the person who is talking, and the viewer can either slow it down, or make it faster. It makes the video easier to digest and more likely for people to watch.

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