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How To Increase Sales With Video Testimonials

Jul 19, 2021

Just think about it: as a consumer, how many times have you gone online to check on the reviews of others before buying something? Wasn’t it a lot easier to make the decision of trusting a brand because a lot of people have said so many positive things about it?

This is the power of testimonials. It establishes the credibility of a brand through a third party.  

Is this something that you should use to boost your sales as well? Your marketing campaign could certainly benefit from it.  See, most times, the best way to sell to your future clients is with the help of your current ones. 

But why stop there? Why not capture the testimonial of a genuinely satisfied customer in a more impactful format such as a video too?

Want to know just how you can boost your sales with video testimonials? Here are 4 reasons to harness this powerful marketing tool: 

1. To boost your brand’s credibility


Capturing Video Testimonials

We covered in a past article how video can elevate brands in ways that other traditional methods simply cannot.

Using video to capture testimonials is one of our favorite, and proven ways to boost brand credibility. After all, there’s nothing quite as impactful as hearing more about your brand straight from your already existing customers. 

Your target customers are more likely to trust you better if you get a vote of confidence from other people. This type of social influence is one of the most powerful ways to convert interested buyers into customers. 

Not to mention, it shows that you value the opinion of your current customers too. A brand that takes into consideration the voice of their customers (and documents it) shows that they respect their market — and this too can further boost credibility. 

2. To maximize emotional impact

Emotional Connection with Video

It’s one thing to read about positive reviews about a brand, but it’s far more convincing when you see and hear it straight from the one giving it. 

With a video, not only will you be able to capture the message better, but you’ll also convey the emotion and authenticity behind it. After all, even little things can assist you in this endeavor. This includes the tone of the speaker and their facial expressions –two things that a video can capture perfectly well. 

And (because we feel that this bears repeating), authenticity is what will help you convince consumers. It helps you develop an emotional connection that convinces and converts.  

3. To add a human factor to your marketing efforts

There has been a shift in customer expectations in recent years. Longevity of a brand is no longer the biggest indicator of whether it is trustworthy or not. Rather, customers now care more about what your brand does outside its sales and marketing efforts, how you treat your workers and customers, and the experiences of real life people with your product and your service. This is what humanizes your brand. 

A video testimonial encapsulates all of these and more. It shows your target audience proof that your product and services can address their needs. Not only that, but it will show them that you have provided more than adequate service — enough that others are willingly talking about it and actively convincing people to try out what you have to offer. 

Video testimonials to boost your sales

Video testimonials could be the missing link to a cohesive and complete marketing campaign for your brand. It helps you establish a deeper connection with your audience, help you build your credibility, and humanize your brand. 

Want to harness this powerful marketing tool for your brand? Our award-winning video production team can help you create a professionally-made testimonial video for your marketing endeavors. 

Our approach to customer Testimonial Videos is to focus on the problems that your product or service has solved for your clients. We tell their stories in a way that is highly relatable to your would-be customers looking for reassurance.

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