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The Director’s Role in Storytelling: How We Bring a Script to Life

Feb 22, 2023

Great films start with a great story, but it takes a lot of creative minds to bring that story to life. A director with vision can make the difference between a smash hit and a crash-and-burn.

This is true for box office blockbusters—and it’s true for your corporate video too. The director plays a pivotal role.

The Script

The key to telling a story well? Having a vision from the start of what the final product should look like—and then being flexible and open-minded throughout the process. Does something beautiful or surprising happen while shooting? Maybe that makes the final cut. The script is a blueprint, a jumping off point—but it’s not the only thing that matters.

A good director can look at a script and recognize what is needed to make the story come to life, be willing to go on the journey as a filmmaker, and ultimately communicate a powerful, relatable message to the audience.

When it comes to marketing and brand-building, the same lessons can apply. You want people to remember your story: that’s the whole point. And because the medium is saturated with videos, you’ll need yours to stand out. 

The Director

You want your messaging to be consistent, relatable, and memorable: something that can be shared across multiple platforms and generate the buzz your company deserves. The director is the person best positioned to help you inspire others to engage with your brand and your vision.

In making a corporate video, the director will work with the producer to ensure that lines of communication are open across all channels. That means getting the production team on the same page as marketing, sales, HR, and anyone else that needs to be looped in on the corporate end. The director will set the tone on set—and will set the tone for the final product too.

In the same way that a Hollywood director helps the audience believe in a character, a corporate video director can help the audience to understand and relate to your brand’s vision. The director helps establish trust, and sets you up as the voice of authority in your industry. 

Through the creative use of lighting and camera angles, the director will set a mood and inspire the audience. Whether they’re laughing or crying, viewers will remember the message because they felt something—the director made them believe. 

Whether you’re a new business or a well-established brand, you need to keep figuring out new and creative ways to tell your story; that way, you can connect with current customers and engage with new ones.

Trust the Pros

As technology becomes more advanced, you’ll want to change with the times. Your audience is no longer willing to accept anything less than ‘wow.’

Here at Front Runner Films, we understand how to grab your audience’s attention and hang on to it. Collectively our creative team has years of experience that we bring to every single project, along with a passion for telling stories with humor and heart. Let us help you tell your story.

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