Last Updated on September 22, 2020

In the early days of the quarantine, we had a client approach us wanting a corporate video that was exclusively animation–exciting news because, although we’ve often included some animation, a fully animated video heralded a brand new service for us. We have an incredible animation team at FRF who works diligently on creating original content and this client wanted it to be super specific to the company.
The first step we took was to listen carefully to what our client wanted (always the first step!), then come up with a plan to tell their story in the most effective way. This meant hours of storyboarding: drawing out each piece of the video with a description below, almost like a roughed-out comic strip. It’s a tool used for live action productions too, but it’s perhaps even more important with animation. If you’ve seen old clips of Walt Disney at work, you may have some sense of the magic connection between the storyboard and the final product.
Once the storyboard was approved, our animation team got to work and brought the idea to life, which takes more time than our normal process. An animation piece allows us to control every detail in the video and to execute at a higher level without having to social distance ourselves on a shoot.
Animation styles can differ based on your brand. Do you want something silly and fun? Sleek and cool? Cheeky and fresh? There are so few limits when it comes to animation, and now that we’ve begun to dip a toe into that ocean, we’re looking forward to swimming.