Last Updated on September 2, 2020

Just as states began the process of reopening, COVID-19 cases seemed to be on the rise again. You may have thought you’d wait until the pandemic had completely cleared to put together your corporate video, but it’s looking like it may be some time before that happens. We’re here to tell you that it’s entirely possible in the current climate to produce a corporate video that’s both on-brand and will serve you for years to come. This week we’ll be highlighting three ways in which we can help you do that, starting with the use of stock footage.

Stock footage may call to mind generic still photos of sunsets and children playing, but recent years have brought an uptick in cool content, both still and video. During a time like this, when many brands are looking to produce their corporate videos with a minimum of person-to-person contact, stock footage that relates directly to a client’s brand can offer a straightforward solution.

We had an opportunity to use stock footage recently for what turned out to be a very fun video. Our client was looking to capitalize on their sense of humor, and fortunately we’ve got a writing staff here at FRF with a background in comedy. The team got to work, pairing simple video of teenagers with funny voiceover copy. What helped was the inclusion of a talented voice actor to bring the script to life; watching the final product, you’d never know that the voiceover and images weren’t meant for each other.

As for the video we mention, we’ll show it to you when we get the all-clear, and we’re sure you’ll agree–it’s a fun one!