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What Makes A Video Go Viral?

Mar 3, 2022

In today’s (virtual) world, the powerful visual + audio + storytelling combination of video content is the ideal way to cut through the noise of the internet. And in recent years, viral videos have become the ultimate form of online success—because the more shareable a video, the higher the likelihood it will bring awareness to your brand and increase your bottom line. While there’s no recipe to cook up the perfect viral video, a few things will undoubtedly improve your odds.

Emotional Appeal

The path to virality starts with an emotional connection. Imagine you just heard a funny story—chances are you want to pass it on to your friends or family and make them laugh too. The same thing happens in the online world: the moment a video elicits strong emotion, people are more compelled to share it. 

Quality, Structure, and Format

Today’s audiences are accustomed to expertly captured and well-structured, and formatted videos. Apart from making sure that a video is of high quality, you should also seek to consider other essential elements, such as ensuring that it is optimized for social sharing, has a catchy and branded thumbnail, and incorporates a powerful headline. 

The Size Matters

In the modern age, when our attention is on-demand from family members, entertainment networks, advertisers, responsibilities, and work, nobody wants to spend ten minutes watching a video unless it’s adding value. Essentially, viral videos are interruptive and are not something you search on the web during your free time. They just manifest from nowhere and demand your attention amidst all the noise. This is the main reason why short videos are more likely to go viral. Research indicates that 19 percent of people close the video after the first ten seconds.

Strategic Sharing

Getting content to be viral is not a hands-off process. It involves taking coordinated and strategic actions that help increase the reach.  You can boost your video with advertising, ask prominent people to share it, or target channels that put it in front of as many people as possible. 

Get help from experts

Consider partnering with a skilled and experienced corporate video production company that understands 1) how to rightfully combine the elements above and 2) craft videos that generate a lot of traction. At Front Runner Films, we create purposeful video content that seeks to shine a light on your company, its products, and culture, to help you attain your goals. Fill out our contact form today or take a look at our website to learn more about our award-winning team and services. 

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