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When and Why To Use Internal vs External Video Production

Jun 1, 2021

There’s no denying it: whether video content is made to educate or to entertain, consumers just can’t seem to get enough of them. In fact, YouTube alone counts over one billion hours of content watched daily.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Videos are great — they’re digestible, engaging, and convenient. So, if you haven’t launched a solid video marketing campaign for your business yet, then it could be a missing link in your marketing strategy.

So the question is, where do you start?

You know your target audience wants video. You know you have something to say that is best expressed through the frame-by-frame timeline of video. But can your company take on the workload by assembling an in-house video production team, or should you leave it to the professionals?

It’s an ongoing debate, but we’re here to weigh in.

Learn more about the benefits of each option —internal versus external video production— and when to use them.

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The Pros of Internal Production

Let’s be clear on what this means first — an internal production means doing things in-house. This requires buying or renting your own equipment and hiring or putting together a team to create your videos for you.

The benefits of an internal video production team:

  1. Brand expertise
    In-house production means having access to a team that can cater to all of your video marketing needs. And because they’re essentially your people, they should have a deep understanding of your brand.
  2. Creative and technical control
    Not only will you get full control over the content of the video, but you also get a say in its execution too. This includes setting your own timeline and scheduling reshoots, if necessary.

When to hire an internal video production team:

  1. When your company is stable enough to afford one
    Having an internal production team can be expensive. To justify adding them to your payroll, you need to be able to see tangible results via sales.
    Plus, let’s not forget the gear that you will need to create the videos too. Camera, editing software, the works — not only are they expensive, but they’re ever-changing too.
  2. When you have a propensity for storytelling
    Creating a video is simply delivering your brand’s message in a more entertaining and succinct way. With an in-house production team, making sure that everything is executed properly falls on you. And so because you call the shots, you need to be confident in your skill as a creative director.

The Pros of External Production

If you choose to hire an external video production team, it’s the opposite: you’ll have a dedicated team of fully-qualified professionals to get your message across through video.

The benefits of an external production team:

  1. Top-quality production value
    Sometimes, a smartphone, handheld mic, and natural sunlight is all it takes to create a video. The output can be charming and spontaneous, but this can be messy and chaotic just as easily. For a company such as yours, this doesn’t quite cut it. You deserve polished and well thought-out content. To get this, you need more than just the latest equipment to shoot it, you’ll need a team of professionals too.


    With an external production team, you’ll have access to a team of trained creatives that can spin your message into a coherent, engaging, and top-quality video.

  2. Manageable expenses

    Unless you’re sitting on a substantial disposable budget, chances are, you’re less than willing to invest on the latest equipment and hire people to work solely on videos. And that’s understandable — an internal production team can be expensive. Outsourcing one, on the other hand, is a lot more manageable in the pockets. You won’t have to source or buy equipment and you can simply call in for their services when you need it.
  3. Marketing knowledge and creative input

    The thing about video production companies is that they have a team of professionals dedicated to keeping up with the marketing trends. In short, they know how to best deliver your message to an audience.

When to hire an external video production team:

  1. If you would rather focus your efforts on building your company

    With a professional team handling your video marketing efforts, you can focus on the things that matter more: increasing your sales, building your business, and developing the best services/products for your customers.
  2. If you want the best results and a solid video marketing campaign

    A professional team will know how to highlight your brand best. They have developed their storytelling and video-creation skills down to an art.

Hiring an external video production team

Producing a top-quality video takes time, effort, and resources. So why not leave the work to the professionals? Front Runner Films will translate your brand’s message into engaging content, shoot it with the best industry-grade equipment, and edit it professionally. Ask us how we can help propel your marketing campaign forward.

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